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Friday, September 19, 2003
  Note to the editor: There's one of those little differences between Blogger and Blostudio; the [block] or [blockquote] that I'll have to figure out as I go. (And I know they have to really use the little pointy brackets but I can't figure out how to make those display!) But thanks for the pointer! 
  Ahoy there Maties! Pirate Haiku for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Which was today for all you landlubbers! Arrr!

CINDY KETTERING of Welches was the winner of the Oregonian's contest with:

Why are we sitting
on a dead man's chest? No one
taught us C.P.Arrrrrrrr!

  And BTW, the [block] command doesn't work in Blogger...
At least not the way it does in BlogStudio. Time to learn some new tricks I guess.

[One must use blockquote in the little pointy brackets (and, of course, /blockquote at the end). Ed. ] 
  Ya know, our Editor-in Chief and Distinguished Dean of WSU is really a detriment to paying work! I mean, its Friday afternoon. Its quiet in my cubicle, everyone is gone but me. And I'm trying to get some work done here... But this email arrives;

Terry wrote:
Well, seeing as how you two are the instigators of this idea, I will disavow all knowledge of this enterprise, unless, of course, it is successful.

In any event, I set up a blog for the Weevil State University campus newspaper, which, until a better name comes along, will be called The Proboscis.
Now how am I not supposed to get tickled and laugh out loud at this? So I sent him back a courteous reply and said:

Dangitall! I'm SAIACLOLAPALAM! That's: I'm Sitting Alone In A Cubicle, Laughing Out Loud And People Are Looking At Me! You know I'm there! But later as I'm trying to fix my own cludgy template right now! Nate

So there ya have it, we're all in this together! ... or at least I'm here, by myself, trying to work these new Blogger functions... And its getting mighty close to cold malted beverage time!  
  Good day, and welcome to the new online home of Weevil State University's Journalism Department and our campus newspaper, The Proboscis. In the tried and true tradition of all campus-oriented reportage, The Proboscis will be a full of self-importance and earnestness. 
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