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Tuesday, October 07, 2003


MR. & MISS WEEVIL APPLICATIONS are now available at the Student Life Office (Spludger Hall).

Important Dates to Remember:
- Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. on October 20.
- Election Guide and sample ballot will be made available by October 21
- Elections will be held on October 28 and 29.
- The three finalists will be announced on October 29 by 9 p.m.
- Presentation of primary election winners at The Weevil Swarming, November 6.

Bitsy Montague
SGA Vice-President for Fun Activities for Upperclassmen
Ext. 6565

A set of bongo drums is missing from the dance studio in Dixie Graves Gym. If anyone knows anything about this, please contact the Department of Kinesiology, ext. 6590

Spring Break in Iraq
-Tour Tikrit
-Boat the Euphrates River and several scenic streams
-Stop at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
-Visit one of fourteen different Grand Palaces
-View the Great Pride of Babylon Oil Refinery #2
-Enjoy traditional food and dance

And that’s only the first day….

Travel with Weevil State University to exotic Iraq during Spring Break 2004 - and even earn course credit!

Other activities:

-Wander through ancient cities and admire the canal network of Hammurabi
-Visit a hotel bar and meet reporters
-Experience the adventure of a lifetime

Total student fee: $72,273
Total non-student fee: $72,553
Price includes round-trip airfare, 7 overnight stays in Mosul, meals, bilingual guide, and entrance fees.  
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