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Tuesday, September 23, 2003
  From the School of Art:

Dean Mizell is pleased to invite the students, faculty, and staff of WSU, as well as the general public, to the opening of a new exhibition at the Weevil State University Center for the Arts this Thursday evening at 5 o'clock PM, followed by a barbeque reception. This exhibition is the first of the year and is titled "Concrete Blocks as Art and Architecture."

Our keynote speaker will be Professor Mary-Ellen Walker-Johnson, from the East Alabama School of Art and Design, who will give a short presentation on the uses of concrete blocks in both art and everyday life; various other faculty members will also speak on their personal experiences in this medium. The highlight piece of the exhibit is "Car on the Blocks," a dynamic arrangement of a 1969 Nova and four stacks of concrete blocks, by WSU's very own Professor James "Bubba" Norris.

For those interested, Professor Walker-Johnson will give a hands-on demonstration on concrete block stacking techniques at the reception, so dress is casual. Also, please bring a covered dish, preferably homemade potato salad or coleslaw, with you to the reception. We look forward to seeing you Thursday at 5PM! 
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